The King of Poo

– M.C.E.

Who is the man
Took a gold number two?
He’s not King Midas,
He’s the King of Poo!

When it first occurred
He couldn’t believe,
What shot out of his
Sphincter sleeve.

He looked in the toilet
And what did he see?
A shiny gold shit
Floating in pee-pee.

He reached right in
And took a sniff,
It was solid gold baby,
He couldn’t get a whiff.

So he took it to a jeweller,
To try and get rich.
Instead he got arrested,
Now ain’t that a bitch.

But now it’s all good,
Found “not guilty” in court.
Poo lives in two closets,
Not a mansion or a fort.

If you’re short of money,
Don’t doom and gloom.
Try a Manny’s burrito,
and hit the rest room.

But before you flush,
You better be checkin.
Or pipes and plumbing,
You could be wreckin’.

And if you get lucky,
You just might see,
A solid gold nugget
Waiting for thee.

Ahh! Shake your booty!
You know what to do.
Move your money maker
Like the King of Poo!

*From the feature film THE MIDAS FLUSH

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